Products don’t function in a vacuum.

A system must be in place to ensure execution of production, distribution, usage, and storage. We compliment our product with a range of supporting services.



Your material is mission critical.

We aggregate, analyze, and report your usage data. Data provides insight that will help maintain inventory on-hand, create forecasting models, and support inventory and procurement decisions.


Periodic and on-demand reports are generated for which you will have access to view your usage past and present. Our methods are customized and we will work with you to explore how to best collect and report usage metrics.



Our warehousing and distribution services offer you flexibility.

Taking advantage can create efficiency, security, and economies of scale.

  • Frees up valuable floor space in your facility.
  • Creates a backup supply should your internal supply face highly variable usage.
  • Provides secondary control and monitoring of product usage.
  • Establishes a distribution hub if you have multiple manufacturing facilities.
  • Maintains required level of supply to bridge the re-order production period.


A custom cut for your project.

Whether your material is converted in-house or through third-party, we can supplement or handle the entire process. Our die cutting capabilities will produce your exact required specifications. Options include bulk production or per order basis.



Your product must pass the test.

If your seating is required to adhere to state or federal regulations, we understand it must comply with issued guidelines.


From flammability to material composition, your product is reviewed. Inform us of what specific regulations for which you are subject and we will conduct internal testing to help ensure our materials comply. We understand you will perform internal and third-party testing, but we will do our part to make sure those results are successful.



Full graphics capabilities.

Our team is ready to design your project. All we need from you is a copy or sample of your existing tags or labels. We can discuss any additional information you would like included. Layout options will be provided per your requirements and made available for review electronically or via hard copy.

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