Frequently Asked Questions

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What material options can you provide?
From in-house stock, to sourcing, to custom manufacturing, we have you covered. We are confident we can provide the right material for your application.
Is there a minimum material order volume?
Minimums are dependent on the specific material and any additional customization. Generally minimums are in the range of 15,000 – 20,000 square yards.
In what formats can I receive my material?
Your material can be produced in roll format (up to 90″ width) or custom die cut to your exact specifications.
What about flame retardants?
We can manufacture material with flame retardant, add flame retardant to an existing material, or find a material that by composition will not ignite in accordance with safety regulations.
What are the material color options?
We can provide material in custom colors, though white and black is typical. If California Technical Bulletin 117 (2013) is a regulation for which you must adhere, there is a special consideration. To be in accordance, the label text must be in black and set on a white background. To account for this on a black material for example, we will create a white background for the imprint area and reverse out the text. Depending on the desired layout, white material may prove to be a better option if the layout covers a majority of the material surface area.


What graphic file types do you accept?
We accept: CorelDraw, Illustrator, EPS, and PDF. If you have a different format, don’t worry, we will get it converted.
What are my layout options?
You have a blank canvas. We will work with you to design a layout that makes the most sense for your content while meeting state labeling requirements.
Are there any limitations to what I can imprint?
We will need to be mindful of font sizes, line widths, and screens. These variables will be dictated by the specific material and we will make recommendations and necessary adjustments to ensure text and image clarity.
How many colors can we imprint?
Up to 12 colors.

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